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How Can You Determine Liability in a Slip and Fall Case?

Accidents happen every day, everywhere and in a myriad of ways. It is impossible to see them coming, but sometimes if another person had been proactive and responsible they may have been avoided. One such incident includes slip and falls. Whether they occur on public property, at work or in a neighbor's backyard, compensation may be available. If the slip and fall was a direct result of dangerous conditions that the property owner failed to fix, they could be held liable for your damage. It is their legal responsibility to maintain their grounds for employees, guests or anyone who they know will be visiting or working on their grounds.

For many people, they do not even know where to begin when seeking out restitution. Who do they pursue? How do they achieve financial restitution? Can fault really be proven? While it may take some investigative work on the park of a Seattle slip and fall lawyer, these questions can be answered. In order for a case to be proven in your favor, there are three distinct factors that must be shown to be true:

  1. Has the owner taken the necessary precautions to keep their land as safe as possible? This is referred to as the duty of care that each property owner has when inviting anyone onto their grounds. If they were made aware of unsafe features and did absolutely nothing to fix them and this could be reason enough to make them liable.
  2. Was it the property's dangerous environment that actually caused your injuries? If other third party factors were the real reason behind the damage, and their unsafe land was just another aspect of the case, the court might be less willing to blame the owner.
  3. Had there been a general lack of reasonable care given to the property by its owner? If they did not maintain health and safety standards, knowing that people would be using their property, this is not giving reasonable care.

Slip and fall cases can be somewhat complicated and it can often be tricky to try and prove all three of these factors as truth. With a knowledgeable Seattle premises liability lawyer by your side, your case will most likely have a much better chance at success. Included in the list of Washington's Super Lawyers®, for many consecutive years, both Attorney Ronald Ward and Attorney J.D. Smith have been honored with being among the top 5% of lawyers in the state. You deserve the best possible injury attorney in Seattle. With over 50 years of combined experience, you can feel safe entrusting your case with our firm as there is no case that is too complex for us to handle.