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Any accident that results in injury will most likely require medical treatment from a professional physician. After the physical and emotional trauma of a bike accident, auto accident or any other type of catastrophe, individuals rarely anticipate that more ill-ease and wrongdoing could be coming their way. However, for some victims the pain and suffering that they experienced as a result of a slip and fall accident or a defective product are only made worse when they are brought in for medical treatment. Professionals in the medical field sometimes fail to attend to their patients with as much care as is needed.

This type of negligence among doctors, nurses and the like can result in serious pain and further suffering of those unfortunate enough to experience it. Victims of any type of accident, whether it be a truck accident, railroad accident or something else deserve to be treated with the utmost attention and personal care. Failure to do so could result in intensified injury or illness and even wrongful death in some cases. When this type of medical malpractice is applied to your treatment, then a lawyer should be contacted immediately.

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How do I file a medical malpractice claim?

If you are a victim of medical malpractice, then there are certain steps you can take to ensure that the perpetrators reimburse you for your damages. Medical malpractice cases are particularly complex because they require much detailed medical knowledge. Get in touch with a Seattle personal injury lawyer from our firm to make sure that you have an experienced legal team behind you.

First, you should get a copy of your medical records. In order to release them to your attorneys and those of your opponents, you will have to sign a release form due to current privacy laws. By getting these records, our legal team will be able to analyze the case, and get advice from other medical professionals who can sign medical expert affidavits and serve as key witnesses.

After your medical records are taken care of, you should then notify insurance companies and the hospital or medical building at which your injury took place. Sometimes, you can settle with these entities before having to go through with a trial. The medical malpractice lawyer at the Law Office of J.D. Smith, PLLC can make sure that you are treated fairly throughout this process by acting as a middleman between you and the insurance companies or hospital.

Taking the Case to Trial

If a settlement cannot be reached, then you may need to take the case to court. To do this, you will have to adhere to the pre-suit requirements, which will help make the process more efficient and further encourage a settlement. Those who fail to comply with pre-suit requirements may have their cases dismissed without a hearing. After these prerequisites are completed, you can then file a formal complaint which would detail the circumstances of your injury and how the medical professionals failed to provide adequate care. For more details about how to file your medical malpractice claim, get in touch with our firm. Make sure that all the proper courses of action are taken so you can get what you deserve. Don't risk getting your case thrown out of court!

Protection Against Negligence and Bad Faith in Seattle, WA

Birth injuries, surgical missteps and medical errors can all result from neglectful inattention on behalf of a doctor or nurse. Furthermore, omissions by health care providers can also leave those in need of treatment without the proper care. This is just as bad—if not worse than—cases of insurance bad faith. In each instance, an undeserving and unsuspecting victim is wrongfully harmed. The team led by our Seattle injury attorney at Law Office of J.D. Smith, PLLC is fully aware of just how detrimental instances of medical malpractice can be on victims of such a case.

Many professionals in the medical field have professional liability insurance as a means of protection. This offsets the potentially high costs and risky consequences of medical malpractice lawsuits. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that anyone who has undeservedly suffered as a result of negligent or reckless behaviors of medical personnel immediately retain an aggressive attorney from our firm. We will do everything in our power to ensure that the wrongs that have been done to you do not go unnoticed or untreated.

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