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Understanding General Negligence

Did another's negligence cause your injuries?

As human beings living in a civilized society, we are expected to act with a certain level of caution and care for the safety of others. This applies to virtually any personal or professional setting. Negligence may be defined as a failure to act with proper caution or care under certain circumstances. It may be further described as doing something that a reasonable person in the same circumstances would not have done or failing to do something that a reasonable individual would have done.

In a car accident, negligence is failing to perform one's "duty of reasonable care". This could be something like running a red light or failing to stop for a pedestrian. Acting like a reasonable driver includes monitoring your driving speed, noticing construction signs, having working order brakes, etc. In the instance of medical malpractice, negligence involves incompetence from a medical professional who did not act with reasonable care. This includes failures such as injecting a patient with the wrong solution, operating under substance abuse, failure to warn patients of procedural risks, and leaving an item inside a patient after surgery.

Win the Maximum Compensation You Deserve

When negligent conduct causes injury to another person, the injured party may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible person or entity. That person or company may be held legally responsible for their act or failure to act and may be required to pay a certain amount of financial compensation to the victim. To get the restitution you deserve, you will need a personal injury lawyer who can argue your case, proving that other's negligence was the source of your injury or illness. Then they must fight to ensure that you receive the maximum settlement to which you are entitled.

This compensation is meant to help the victim rebuild his or her life to a similar condition as it was in before the injury occurred. Were you injured because of the general negligence of another person or company? Our firm is committed to helping those injured by negligence in various situations. No matter the circumstances of your case, we are confident in our ability to provide you with knowledgeable legal counsel.

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When you involve a personal injury lawyer from our firm, you have the benefit of our knowledge and experience by your side. We are devoted to providing skillful representation for our clients, and for decades, we have been helping clients receive compensations in the hundreds of thousands to help them move on in life.

Fully investigating the matter to determine how the other party's negligence caused your injuries and proving their accountability, we may be able to obtain the full worth of your claim. At the Law Office of J.D. Smith, PLLC, we operate on a contingency fee, which means you have no upfront costs. You only pay when you receive compensation.

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